Our website is a community for fans of British TV. Although you will find access to many free to air channels we cannot and will not guarantee the uptime of these channels. All channels come from third party providers and are routed through our own server. If a channel is down from the source, we do our best to replace it with another source. However, we do not guarantee any of the channels. We also reserve the right to remove any channels at any time.

We have a large community of members and with that a large expense to run this website. To keep it advertising free, ie, no popups, no ads whatsoever, we charge a small fee per day, week, 2 weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. We understand that many free sites offer live TV channels but load them with annoying popups and some will infect your system with malware. Some sites take donations and tend to go offline after fleecing many people of their money. There are a lot of scam sites out there. We are not one of those such sites. We are clean, advertising free, popup free and malware / virus free.

Recently we closed down free registration for new members because many people thought it would be a good idea to signup using different email addresses. One such person would signup every day with a different email, using our site for free, 7 times! Some other people decided they could fleece us by paying for a plan and towards the end of that plan, start a PayPal dispute, hence getting a plan for free. We catch these “freeloaders” and ban them from our entire network of 24 websites permanently. It is robbery and not fair on the paying members that we have supporting our community. If you are here to try and freeload, don’t bother, we will catch you, terminate your account, ban you from our entire network and add your IP to multiple blacklists. You will then find it very hard to get a service elsewhere. Your IP, email address and username will be known by many services as a scammer. You will be refused from many other sites, not just the ones on our network, literally thousands of other websites will refuse you access.

We are sorry to have this message on our registration page, but enough is enough. We want to operate a nice friendly, advertising free community but it comes at a small cost for all of our members who all pay a small fee to enjoy the website. So our system works like this:

  1. If you wish to try out our website, there is a registration fee of £1. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. If you try a dispute, we are protected by this page that you read before making any payments to us, there are no refunds on this £1 payment. Start a dispute and you will be banned from our entire network and your email, username and IP added to a large blacklist. The reason for this is because every dispute against us has a negative effect on our credibility. Lose our payment gateway then we lose the entire website, not good for our loyal members.

You agree to have read the above before creating an account and paying the £1 registration fee. If you agree to the above, simply register, choose the 24 hour plan, make payment and enjoy the website. You can renew or top-up your account at any time from the members area.