Please read the following terms before making payment:

Terms of Service

Before purchasing a plan, you must agree to our terms of service written below:

  • When registering for an account always use a legitimate email address. Using an email address to conceal your true identity will result in your registration being terminated and may result in a permanent block from accessing the site.
  • You will not spam our community, promote other products or services, post links, harass or abuse other members. Spamming will result in a permanent site ban with a strict no refund policy.
  • If a request by the site admins (or an approved member acting on behalf of the site admins) to alter or change something relating to you profile i.e. user name or profile picture it must be adhered to. Failure to comply will result in the site admins making the appropriate changes.
  • TV channels can change or go offline at any time. We work our hardest to supply the best service possible. TV channels are purchased from a third-party streaming company who normally fix any issues within the hour.
  • We reserve the right to remove a channel, or a number of channels without notice.
  • You must abide by the laws of your country to view TV channels. If viewing from within the United Kingdom, you are required to possess a valid UK TV license.
  • Refunds are only given to those who request it should they find the site is not for them. A refund is ONLY given within the first 14 days of viewing plan purchase.
  • You can only login on one device at any time. To use another device, you must logout of the previous device first. Logging in with more than one device will cause a login error. Do not share your account login credentials with anyone.
  • You must not try to cheat or abuse our system. Watching multiple channels at the same time will trigger a permanent IP ban.
  • We are not responsible for your device or internet speed should you have any buffering or channel problems. We recommend internet speeds of 8 megs or over. We can, however, help support any problems you have with suggestions and guides on our forum section but without guarantee if your system does not meet the requirements.
  • This is a browser-based system, not an app and will not function as well as a non-browser-based system. Should you wish to use our non-browser version, you can make a request in our forum for more information. Please note this is only available to members on either a 6 month or yearly plan.
  • The Lifetime Access plan is valid for the lifetime of our website. As long as our website is in existence, you will never have to pay to use it.
  • For any problems or support you must use our forum. Email contact is for account, login, registration and general account enquiries.